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Welcome to our web site
Welcome to the website of our re-enactment unit, the 3e Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne, one of the oldest and greatest regiments in the history of the French Army.

We portray a French line infantry regiment (Régiment d'Infanterie de Ligne) during the 1st Empire of Napoléon around the years 1810-1812.

The association was created by Rodmen Nelson in 1999 for the sole purpose of supporting the Brigade Napoléon and promoting the growth of Napoleonic re-enacting in North America.

Our unit is composed of two battalions. The 1st battalion for the members from throughout the United-States and the 2nd battalion for those in Canada. Our members are English and/or French speaking.

Our members recreated various troops and camp followers which comprised a regiment of the era. We have fusiliers, voltigeurs, grenadiers, sapeurs, drummers, vivandières and blanchisseuses for those who wish to do those impressions. Those wishing to do multiple impressions are welcome. Our group, being family orientated welcome men, women and children.

On this site you will find information about our regiment's history, our members, equipment, period music, and much more.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Vive l'Empereur!
Recent news
July 25th 2014
The second battalion has secured a new location for it's drill exercises.The Royal Canadian Military College of Saint-Jean-sur- Richelieu and the corporation du fort Saint-Jean have kindly accepted that our unit use their grounds for this purpose. Special thanks goes out to the people responsible at the college for making this possible. Our first drill day in this new location will be tomorow.

June 30th 2014
The Brigade Napoléon grand tactical event was held in Bedford,Pensylvania, this past weekend.The event was a great success with a large turnout. The highlight of the event was the presence of the Emperor himself who, as always, turned his loyal and loving troops into the fiercest of warriors, thus making the enemy wish it were not there.

March 1st, 2009
Our thoughts go out to you Grand-Père during these hard times.

February 15th, 2009
Five members of the 3me de ligne as well as two men from the Imperial guard’s grenadiers a pied spend the week-end of the 2nd of February roughing it during the first annual winter bivouac event in Coteau-du-Lac, Canada. The weather was extremely harsh bit they never the less attempted to pass thru the weekend in period clothing and in a rapidly constructed wood shelter. One of the troops made it thru till Sunday spending two night out in the bitter cold. All were in agreement that this event was a great learning experience and are already thinking about next year.

December 20th, 2008
The 2009 season is about to begin. Amongst the regular yearly events, the 3me de ligne, in collaboration with 1er Régiment de Grenadier a pied de la Garde, are pleased to announce that there will be a new one added, The Winter bivouac event held at the Coteau-du-Lac national historic site of Canada on the week-end of January 30th.This first years theme will be the Berezina river crossing of 1812.
We are also in the final preparations for another event scheduled for mid-August. This will be a tactical event to be held on the Emperor Napoleon 1er’s birthday (15th of August) in Austerlitz, NY. The Austerlitz historical society is motivated in collaborating with us to make this a great one in the years to come. They estimate this event could eventualy attract anywhere between 600 and 1500 visitors.

October 27th,2008
The Quartier général of the 3me de ligne wishes to thank the 15 members of the group who took part in the 2008 Autumn festival event at Rosaryville state park in Maryland on the week-end of the 17th-19th of October. The bivouac was particularly impressive and the food and wine were excellent. As always, the French cavalry and the coalition forces present at the event help to make this event nothing less than GREAT!
A special thanks goes out to the park administration for their generous hospitality.
We invite all our members to consider participating in the winter truce event that will take place at Old Bedford Village on the weekend of January 24th. Those who took part in the event last year have all stated that it is a great way to start the year.
Congratulations to our newest members, Mlle.L’aiguille and fusilier La plume, who recently took part in their first event as members of the 3me de ligne. We also wish to mention, Berbila’s promotion to the rank of Caporal, may he serve the regiment as is expected of him.
The 3me de ligne, in collaboration with the 1er regiment de grenadiers de la garde imperial, is presently preparing the 2009 winter bivouac event which will take place at Coteau-du-lac national historical park in Quebec, Canada. The event will be held in late January or early February 2009.The goal of the event will be to better understand the measures taken by troops of the era to fight the bitter cold of winter.

October 22nd,2008
The members of the 3me regiment d’infanterie de ligne wish to express their condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Ben Weider, who passed away on Friday, the 17th of October. Mr. Weider’s important contribution to Napoleonic studies is a legacy which will greatly influence the understanding and perceptions about one of history’s great men, Napoléon. His recent donation to the Montreal museum of fine arts of his personal Napoleonic collection is a fine example of his philanthropic personality.
Thank you, Mr. Weider.

September 20th,2008
The 2008 École du soldat was held on the week-end of the 12th of September at the Coteau-du-Lac National historical site in Quebec,Canada.Serveral members of the 3me de ligne as well as members of the 1er régiment de grenadier de la Garde Impériale and the 4me régiment d'infanterie de ligne were present.The École was under the command of Chef d'escadron Chris Franke of the 7me hussard.
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